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Weinergate Cartoons

The Rise and Fall of Carlos Danger. A topic that keeps rearing its ugly head. It’s once again in the news, and hopefully for the last time.

Here are 3 Weinergate editorial, cartoons and post excerpts from early in the scandal’s history…

In the first Anthony Weiner decides to take his dog for a brief walk, but things get a little awkward when the amorous pup gets a little too frisky, and starts showing off his favorite bone. Not only embarrassing, this scandal would definitely cause some shrinkage in the old poll numbers.

The second: More leaked photos revealed a towel-clad Weiner, hanging out at the House gym. Instead practicing safe tweeting, and taking a much-needed cold shower, he is seen here taking some glamour shots for his next round of junk mail.

The third, from 2013, is on the attempeted reanimation of Weiner’s political career – when he threw his hat (at least I hope it was his hat) into the ring to enter the race Mayor of NYC.

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