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Even a poodle who is pure in heart and barks her prayers by night, may become a Were-Doodle when the poodle-bane blooms and the autumn moon is bright. Fresh from the lab, Fifi... READ MORE

Weinergate Cartoons

The Rise and Fall of Carlos Danger. A topic that keeps rearing its ugly head. It’s once again in the news, and hopefully for the last time. Here are 3 Weinergate editorial, cartoons and post... READ MORE

Honey Badger Gets Lucky

Lucky the leprechaun finds out, the hard way, it’s not always his Lucky Charms that they’re after. While Honey Badger discovers that, just like their cereal, leprechauns taste magically delicious, too. When asked to describe the magically-delicious flavor of leprechauns, … Continued