Loogieville Slugger

To celebrate Opening Day, here’s a rare find from my vintage baseball-card collection: This wily horsehide-slinger was suspected of throwing spitters through his entire career, but the umps were never able to catch him in the act. Was it a stealthy ability to conceal his slimy techniques, or was Sal Liva given a bum rap? Only Sal knows the answer to that question.

loogieville slugger

Stats:Born: Mudville U.S.A.
Team: Loogieville Sluggers
Position: Usually bent over a spittoon
Height: 7′ 10″ (including mound)
Weight: 165 lbs. (195 lbs. including doctored ball)
Favorite Pitch: The low wet one
Interesting Facts:
Only missed one game due to illness – a severe case of cotton mouth.
After retiring from the mound, Sal enjoyed a successful career in the oil biz, and as a part-time manicurist.

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