Deaded Bliss

It’s a nice day for a bite wedding. 

When Zombies agree to take a hand in marriage, they really mean it… talk about a dead-icated couple!

Here’s a gift caricature for a couple of zombie newly-deads celebrating their first deading anniversary.

Do you have that special hard-to-shop-for zombie that you’d like to surprise with unique gift for their next un-death day, deading anniversary, ground-uation, etc.? Are you tired of hearing “Oh, gee, another brain… just what I always wanted… gurgle… glrrck… glrfft… ” ? Then why not consider a zombie gift-caricature?  That’s right, surprise your special zombie: contact Right-Hemisphere Laboratory, and order a swell gift that your zombie will really dig!

© 2010 Barry/Right-Hemisphere Laboratory

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