Dandelion Tamer

dandelionWhere are the wild things? My backyard that’s where… wild dandelions, that is. I’ve had a BIG dandelion problem this spring, and nothing seems to tame these beasts. I’ve tried weed killers, lopping off their heads, and pulling them out by the roots, but they just keep coming back… I may have to resort to waterboarding! It’s a jungle back there… just ask Rover.

© 2009 Barry/Right-Hemisphere Laboratory

Why Do You Think They Call ’em Peeps?


When Easter Bunny makes the stupid mistake of hopping down the Badger Trail, he meets up with none other than the Easter Badger himself! This “bad hop” on the Easter Bunny’s Part, proved to have nearly-fatal consequences for Mr. Cottontail, but serendipity struck, and with an uncanny display of symbiosis – badger and bunny collaborated on the creation of the word’s most beloved Easter confection… Peeps!

Don’t worry, kiddies, giving into his sweet-tooth, a distracted Mr. Badger went straight for the marshmallowy goodness, giving Easter Bunny time to make his getaway, and he lived to hop (and peep) another day!

Easter Poops Candy

easter-poopsHave a happy Easter, everyone, but try not to eat too much sugary crap!

(This holiday greeting, and public service announcement has been brought to you by your friends, and the concerned busy-buddies at Right-Hemisphere Laboratory.)

For all my peeps:  A cartoon parody of that classic, gooey, marshmallowy Easter-confection… Peeps!

© 2011 Barry/Right-Hemisphere Laboratory

Loogieville Slugger

To celebrate Opening Day, here’s a rare find from my vintage baseball-card collection: This wily horsehide-slinger was suspected of throwing spitters through his entire career, but the umps were never able to catch him in the act. Was it a stealthy ability to conceal his slimy techniques, or was Sal Liva given a bum rap? Only Sal knows the answer to that question.

loogieville slugger

Stats:Born: Mudville U.S.A.
Team: Loogieville Sluggers
Position: Usually bent over a spittoon
Height: 7′ 10″ (including mound)
Weight: 165 lbs. (195 lbs. including doctored ball)
Favorite Pitch: The low wet one
Interesting Facts:
Only missed one game due to illness – a severe case of cotton mouth.
After retiring from the mound, Sal enjoyed a successful career in the oil biz, and as a part-time manicurist.

© 2009 Barry/Right-Hemisphere Laboratory