Off-Road Hogs



Off-Road Hogs

An editorial cartoon on possible/probable wildlife encounters experienced by hikers in Colorado.  Note: If you’re a mountain biker you may not get this one, but if you’ve done any hiking in our state you’ll get it for sure.

Westword, Denver’s weekly alternative newspaper, published the winners of its 2nd annual comics contest in this week’s edition.  The challenge was for local cartoonists to create a piece commenting on life in the Centennial State. This year I nearly overlooked the call-for-entries, but staying true to the tradition I set for myself last year, I began drawing at the last possible minute, and just managed to make the deadline for submissions. I’m happy to report that my cartoon made it into the publication, and am honored to be sharing space with some of my most-excellent Denver-area colleagues… great work by all!  Check out all the entries here: Comics

Thank you again to Westword for supporting their local cartoonists!

Since my submission was pretty rushed, I decided to spend some time polishing things up a bit before posting here. See the original version at the link above. Spot all the differences and win a prize!

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and here’s the post from my old blog on last year’s cartoon…


Spaced Invaders

Space aliens (undocumented extraterrestrials) visit the Centennial State to try out some of those world-renowned “baked” edibles –  their own version of a “Taste of Colorado.*

An editorial cartoon on the altered state of the state of Colorado.

Westword, Denver’s weekly alternative newspaper, held a comics contest to coincide with the 2nd annual Denver Comic Con, which is being held this weekend. The winning cartoons were published in this week’s issue, and lucky me – lucky because I waited ’til the 11th hour to crank something out – I was included!  There were some really cool pieces selected, and a really nice range of styles.  Matthew Allison’s Black Bart comic was my favorite – I used to draw caricatures just a few feet away from the entrance to Black Bart’s haunted cave, so I’m slightly biased – but it really is an awesome comic strip: both the drawing and writing. I enjoyed all the winning ‘toons, and you can, too, just click here:  Comics

Because of format requirements, the cartoon I submitted to the contest, was a slightly-abbreviated version of the cartoon posted here. This blog edition includes some bonus gags, and Bubonic Bill’s usual cameo/parting-hot.

*Every Labor Day weekend, hungry hordes gather in Denver, for a 4-day gorge-fest known as A Taste of Colorado. This, being our first year with legalized weed, and an ever-growing population of munchy-loving stoners, the Taste should score bigger than ever.

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Size Does Matter


Kong arrives home early after a hard day’s work on Skull Island…

Godziilla stomps his way back into theaters today – just hope he doesn’t decide to sit directly in front of me.

A greeting card idea that I originally sketched-up back ’98 – around the time that the first Godzilla remake came out. Wow… has it been 16 years already?!

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