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Even a poodle who is pure in heart and barks her prayers by night, may become a Were-Doodle when the poodle-bane blooms and the autumn moon is bright.

Fresh from the lab, Fifi the Were-Doodle, and her fine furry monster-dog hybrid pals are looking for new homes. If you live in a large cobweb-filled abandoned castle that overlooks a cemetery with plenty of room to romp, then any of these breeds would be a perfect fit for you. The Monster-Doodles are available on T-shirt, hoodies, prints, fleece blankets, and more!

Click over to the store, and adopt one (or the entire litter) today!

©2016 Rich Barry/Right-Hemisphere Laboratory

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Weinergate Cartoons

The Rise and Fall of Carlos Danger. A topic that keeps rearing its ugly head. It’s once again in the news, and hopefully for the last time.

Here are 3 Weinergate editorial, cartoons and post excerpts from early in the scandal’s history…

In the first Anthony Weiner decides to take his dog for a brief walk, but things get a little awkward when the amorous pup gets a little too frisky, and starts showing off his favorite bone. Not only embarrassing, this scandal would definitely cause some shrinkage in the old poll numbers.

The second: More leaked photos revealed a towel-clad Weiner, hanging out at the House gym. Instead practicing safe tweeting, and taking a much-needed cold shower, he is seen here taking some glamour shots for his next round of junk mail.

The third, from 2013, is on the attempeted reanimation of Weiner’s political career – when he threw his hat (at least I hope it was his hat) into the ring to enter the race Mayor of NYC.

© 2011/2013 Barry/Right-Hemisphere Laboratory

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Independence Day

Independence Day Sketch Independence Day

Reposting an oldie-but-goodie for the holiday… Happy Birthday to US!

No more counting to 20 for this guy… oh well, 15 is still a pretty big number.

A rough sketch for a 4th of July cartoon I did back in ’98. I thought it would be fun to redo it in color.

A safe and happy 4th to everyone!

© 1998 Barry/Right-Hemisphere Laboratory

Iron-Lung Man

iron-lung-manDenver Comic Con starts today, so some more fun with funny books – Here’s an old cartoon/post from March of 2010…
Breath easy… it’ll all be soon over.

Hot off the press: The first in a new line of government-issue superhero comic books… far better than any private-sector comic books!

Editorial cartoon on the health-care debate (cajoling, finagling, arm-twisting, knee-cap shattering) currently taking place on Capitol Hill.

© 2010 Barry/Right-Hemisphere Laboratory


slugbug-finAn old character design that I decided to give a make-over, and his own funnybook cover. Slug Bug was one of my first attempts at animation – a not very successful attempt, so I don’t plan to ever post that one, but I’m working on a storyline for a new Slug Bug cartoon/comic.

He even has a theme song, here are some of the lyrics:

He leaves a sticky trail behind… Slug Bug!
A superhero made of slime… Slug Bug!
With his Kung Fu eyes he knocks out crime… Slug Bug!
But salt will turn Slug Bug to brine… Slug Bug!

Can Slug Bug defeat those crumby Salt-Teens?… Stay ‘tooned!

© 2000/2008 Barry/Right-Hemisphere Laboratory

Beach Blanket Blammo!!

A chance encounter, with Dr. Bruce Banner on Waikiki Beach, proves to be the last time Punchy pulls his “How about a nice Hawaiian Punch?” routine.
A chance encounter, with Dr. Bruce Banner on Waikiki Beach, proves to be the last time Punchy pulls his “How about a nice Hawaiian Punch?” routine.
The Denver Comic Con is this weekend – seems like the ideal time to post this old Hulk vs Punchy cartoon.
More comic book hero vs advertising mascot cross-over cartoons are in the works.

© 2008 Barry/Right-Hemisphere Laboratory