About-Page-GraphicIf you’re looking for a fun, wacky, off-the-wall illustration style, you’ve come to the right place… Right-Hemisphere Laboratory is the studio for you!

Lurking in the shadows of the Odenwald Mountain Range, there’re some strange goings-on at the Lab, where Rich Barry, M.V.A. (Mad Vector Artist) can usually be found working late into the night on his latest cartoon creation.  Specializing in vector-based humorous illustration, Rich has been keeping his clients in stitches for over two decades. Rich’s artwork has appeared on everything from skateboards to race cars, and, yes, sometimes even on paper!

With the help of his faithful assistant, Ygor (his trusty iMac), and a dose of creative spark, you can count on Rich to dig up, assemble, and  bring to life your next illustration project – long before that nasty deadline sprout hair, grow fangs, and start chewing up the the office furniture.

For cartoons, illustration, caricatures, animation, character design, crawling brains, and other experiments, contact: Right-Hemisphere Laboratory today!